• Ask Carmen

    Carmen is a member of the Kids Against Bullying “Club Crew”. She knows a lot about how to prevent bullying and gives great advice to kids.

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  • “The Same”

    A bullying anthem for kids everywhere who want to help make a difference in the lives of others.

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  • Pima Rock Band “Keep Your Eyes Open” PSA

    A video with a positive message showing the bystander effect and how you can help others.

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  • “Play With Me”

    Anti-bullying version of Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me” sung by children.

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  • “Stronger”

    Anyone can be bullied, including talented musicians. The classical garage band Time for Three offers a unique take on the Kanye West tune.

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  • Be a Buddy, Not a Bully

    A teacher in West Philly and his 4th grade students wrote, recorded, and filmed this video with a positive message to “BE A BUDDY, NOT A BULLY”.

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  • Turn a Life Around

    Bullying knocks down thousands of kids every day, but when one person stands, another will stand with them. You can be that person, you can turn a life around.

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  • Students Encourage Change

    The fifth grade students of Virginia Williamson Elementary are speaking out about bullying and encouraging positive change. One kind word or act can make a difference.

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Tell Us Why You Care

  • i was bullied by a girl in 5th standard. a surprising thing is that the girl who bullied me was my friend till april 2013. she was my best friend. i had not expected this from her. i felt very hurted. i have not said anything bad about her. but also she bullied me. now i am in 6th standard. 1 year passed. but even today she bullies me but i am a friend with her. thank you to read my experience. i will sure read your message. friends never bully others.

  • I care About bullying because if someone else gets bullied I feel like i am getting bullied and that is a painful situation.

    Aiyanna — 7
  • I am 11 years old now and I am geting bulled in school buy a girl and I want to stop bulling

  • I have been bulled and bulled others but i have learned not to and people thought i was still going to be mean so they mad fun of me but i feel for other kids. I like football but the boys don't pass to me because i am a girl and they think i won't catch the ball so thank you for reading.

    Riaya — 10 turning 11 in 5 months
  • I am here to tell you that being bullied isn't fun! It can have a huge impact on a persons life. It can make a person feel like they aren't a person anymore, but we can stop this. I was bullied over the grade school years and it felt really bad but I over came the fear of being bullied and realized that I was UNSTOPPABLE! People told me that I wasn't good enough for there club, sport, group, or even their lunch table. Bullying is a serious matter, but the problem is people don't take it seriously because they don't think they are the bullies, everyone blames someone else. And I know that at least everyone in the whole world has been bullied or has bullied someone else at least once. I am trying to still figure out my life right now, and I thought that this would be a good topic to stay on through tout the years. I have made a video and I have sent it to 15 people and it's about stopping bullying and they are suppose to send it to 10-15 other people and say sorry to at least one person that they've hurt. I hope I have encouraged other people in the world. I just really want to have a Bully-Free World. I want to help this cuase in any way possible. Thanks for reading and I Hope You Are Encouraged To Do Great Things. Thank You For You Time. :):)

    Bailey — 12
  • Sometines bullies is always talked about . They dont care what people feel and it makes it very difficult when you are in so much pain

    Destini —

Meet the Crew!

  • Hey, you. Yeah, you. I’m Brad. Rhymes with bad. You know what my favorite thing is? Making babies like you cry. Don’t even think about telling the teacher I said that. If you do, I’ll give you something to really cry about.

  • ¡Hola! I’m Carmen! Not many people know this, but I have epilepsy. The signals in my brain get mixed up. Sometimes I space out. I take medication so it hardly ever happens anymore. But once it happened at school. Some kids made fun of me. I felt so bad. I don’t want anyone to feel that way.

    When I see kids picking on other kids, it makes me so mad! Usually I just grab some friends and we march right over and say, “stop it!” Together we can stop bullying.

  • Hi. I’m Chandra.

    I just moved here with my mom and dad and little brother. He has autism. I don’t really know many people yet. But I see a lot of things going on. Like kids being picked on because they’re different.

    It’s just wrong. I try to stop it–even if I feel afraid. Two things I know for sure: Nobody likes bullying, and everyone deserves respect.

  • Hi, I’m Jay.

    Yep, I use sign language. That’s because I’m hard of hearing. My hearing aids help a little, but I don’t hear like most people. When I talk, people have trouble understanding me sometimes. But you know what’s cool? I can read lips! It’s, It’s like being a super spy!

    Maybe you could come over sometime. We could watch TV! I could show you how closed captioning helps me understand what they’re saying.

  • I’m Matt. You got something to say?

    Hey, I’m better at sports than you’ll ever be. Hit a grand slam in Little League last year. I scored the winning run! Bet you couldn’t do that in a million years. I’ll probably do it again this year, if I feel like it. Yeah, I’m the best hitter on the team. On any team. Better’n you, that’s for sure.

  • Hi! I’m Mickey. I have Down syndrome. Sometimes when I talk, you might not understand me. But I usually understand you. In school, I am in special ed classes.

    I LOVE baseball. I even won a medal! Cool!

  • My name is Molly! Want to play with me at recess?

    I like it when kids have fun together. Sometimes I see kids being picked on, and I feel scared. I want to make it stop, but I don’t know what to do. Do you ever feel that way? No one has picked on me yet. I don’t know what I would do if they did. Usually I try to hang around with my friends, ‘cause together we’re amazing!

  • Hi! I’m Mrs. Bridge. I’m so glad you’re here! I hope you have fun and learn a lot about how to stop bullying.

    I have a little secret. When I was your age, kids picked on me. It’s true! That’s because I had a disability called ADHD. That’s short for “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.” I even landed in trouble with my teachers. And now I am a teacher!

  • Hi, I’m Nick.

    Am I the only one who isn’t sure what to do when someone’s being bullied?

    I wish people could just get along like me and my friends. Sometimes I see a kid being picked on and I don’t know what to do. I feel really bad. Should I tell? Should I try to stop it? If I do, will the kids doing it come after me? Or will I be blamed? I want to do something, but sometimes I just feel helpless.

  • My name is Pipsqueak. You can call me Pip!

    Before I came here, I lived in a pet shop with about a gazillion other hamsters. I was the littlest one. Boy, did the other hamsters let me know it! They teased me and called me names. Hamsters can be so mean! That’s where I learned something about bullies: They just want you to cry and feel bad so they can feel powerful. Know what I did when I was picked on? I just twitched my nose and said, “Pifflesticks!”

  • Hi, I’m Sally! I have cerebral palsy. My muscles don’t always do what I want them to do. But I have this cool red wheelchair. I can go just about anywhere and do almost anything. Last summer I even went to camp and went horseback riding! It was so fun.

    Do you like computers? I do. A lot! You should see me surf the Web and play adventure games. I’m awesome!

  • I’m Shannon—but I’m sure you already know that. Don’t you think I’m, like, the coolest girl in school? I do. Do you like my new cell phone? Maybe I’ll use it to take a picture of that new girl. I could post it on the Internet with a message about what a loser she is.

    Good thing my older sister, Marla, and her friends haven’t thought of doing that to me. They are, like, so mean! Marla even told one of my friends that I still suck my thumb at night. I do not!


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