I Care Because…

  • i care because i want it to stop

    akeria — 10
  • people need to stop it that why i care

    ah — 10
  • I think bullying is just rude and no one has a right to bully i have been bullied for 3 years and i dont want anyone to go through what i went through

    Hannah — 10
  • I was bullied in elementary and middle school. It stopped in 8th grade. I never want anyone else to feel that they are alone and that they have no one to talk to.

    Rosa — 15
  • There should be no bullying in this world they did not do anything

    zara — 9
  • I was bullied for 3 years. at first it was name calling and then it went to being physical. I did a wrong choice of hiding it from my mom. also my mistake was that i thought it was my fault. my friends tried to help but it turned on them and then they turned to me as well and then finally my mom had gotten enough of it and moved me schools. the staff at school was not helping they made it sound like it was my fault.

    Dezie — Sloan
  • Hello, my name is Katalin I have Aspergers also known as high functioning autism. Whenever I see someone alone at recess or getting bullied i just can't stand it so I go up to the bully and say, "Hey stop it!" then I tell an adult or teacher if the bully doesn't stop. By the way sometimes the bully chooses me as the next victim.

    Katalin — 11
  • Bullying is the worst, a blight on society, and must be dealt with

    Patrick — 11
  • Nobody should get bullied. It's not their fault.

    Faith — 12
  • How I care because to help them feel better is to help them get back up. To be nice to them and to care for them stand up for them.

    Preston & Riley — 8 & 7