I Care Because…

  • I care because this always happens to me and want other people to feel happy about themselves.

  • we care because bullying can have a big effect on your mental health that is bad! WE CARE

    kimberli and miriama — 11
  • I care about bullying because i am getting bullied and still til this day for my looks and religion. No one thinks I am kind but I have found friends. I bullied one girl and I guess the karma's back to me

    Halima — 10
  • Don't bully people because it may not seem like it bothers them but deep down inside it truly hurts them.

    Ava — 9
  • it makes people feel sad

    pot — 4
  • i have been bullied before and it does not make you fell good

    adam — 11
  • i care because others should know how to stand up strong against bullying and be successful

    kimberli — 11
  • At school we were going to the bathroom. When I was finished I started washing my hands. I was in the line waiting for the dryer and all of a sudden a girl splashed water on me. The thing that made me want to cry the most was because she did it purposely. Luckily I didn't cry and just waited for the dryer to dry my shirt and pants. To be honest I never told the teacher or my parents. I let it slide, but today I think I'm going to tell my parents that I've been getting bullied by a guy in gym class. He always tries to hit me. I don't know why! Today I came home and went straight to my room. I was crying almost for an hour. So today is the day that I stand up for myself.

    Alexis — 11
  • in 2nd grade i used to get bullied it can hurt people

    whitney — 8
  • I care because bullying is wrong

    Griffin — 11