I Care Because…

  • Because bullies don't deserve your attention.They don't deserve to get to you.You deserve to be happy.YOU deserve to be yourself!

    eridanna — 11
  • its not good to bully it hurts

    josh — 10
  • Because bullies need to be stopped!!!!!

    eridanna — 11
  • I hate it when people from my school bully younger children . STOP THE BULLYING.

    Mila — 8
  • I care because bullies are mean to people and I know why because maybe their friends do it to impress their friends and all they need is a friend so I care about people also maybe they need a friend to help them to never get bully again. So I care about people.

    xavier — 11
  • i hate when people bully

    josh — 11
  • I was bullied.
    U ARE NOT ALONE !!!!!!

    Yanis — 12
  • i care because i don´t want it to happen to other people

    s —
  • I care, because I've been bullied a lot and its not a feeling that makes you happy instead its a feeling where you feel like you just want to run to a corner and cry and your whole world falls into depression. So I would like to help stop bullying.

    Maddie — 10
  • i care because it's rude

    bill — 5