I Care Because…

  • i care because people could lead to self harm and depression when they should've been treated like others

    stella — 11
  • I hate bullying because it makes people depressed. It can ruin someone's day and can make them feel hurt.

    Samy — 12
  • bullying is not good

    dale — 12
  • It is important to treat people the way you want to be treated and if you are being bullied be sure to let someone know.

    Emily — 8
  • when people get bullied it can lead to self harm or worse dont bully bc its not nice and you can build up tons of guilt and you dont wanna be the reason whoever they're bullying is not around anymore

    olie — 10
  • Dont bully, it hurts 🙁

    Saphira — 12
  • i care because its not nice and it makes you feel not good

    Jack — 12
  • I don't like bullying because it can ruin someone's day and make them sad and lead to self harm. No matter how different someone is from you and other people does not mean it's ok to bully. Its not ok and needs to stop.

    layla — 11
  • all people are different and so are you it does not mean you bully them. we are all the same so stop bullying.

    Lacey — 11
  • i care because bullying can lead to bad things. bullying hurts people and people around you so if you bully somebody and only wanna hurt them your hurting others as well.

    Hannah — 11