I Care Because…

  • i care because bulling is wrong

    ky — 9
  • I care because I'm also a victim and know how much it hurts

    sophie — 11
  • Don't bully! You don't know what people have gone through. They may have trouble at home, or doing something you can do well.

    Susie — 10
  • I think bullying is someone who seeks harm, or intimidation for someone else. The bully only does this for your reaction, because your reaction might be funny to them. They can trip you, calling you hurtful things, spread false rumors about you, or just spread rumors about you in general.

    Nelida — 12
  • bullying is wrong don't do it

    Lokitha — 5th grade
  • I don't like bullying because it can be very dangerous and very disrespectful and makes the kid that is getting hurt very sad.

    walker — 10
  • Bullying can be very rude

    Michelle — 10
  • Bullying is not ok. I don't understand why bullies even bully. what makes them do it?

    Tevin — 10
  • I don't think bullying is okay because people get hurt by texts or notes. they don't want to go to school anymore then their knowledge gets taken away from them and they don't get to see their friends. don't be a bully. you would not like to be bullied so don't do it to them. treat people the way you want to be treated.

    moral: don't bully it will always come back to you.

    John — 8
  • do not bully cause it makes people feel bad, bullying is not a good thing if you see bullying report it and tell the teacher or whatever do not say your name cause you might also get bullied I guess. If you are brave enough, tell the bully to stop.

    Tevin — 10