I Care Because…

  • I got shoved into a locker at my school. I didn’t fight back and at first regretted it, but then I felt HAPPY because I didn’t get in trouble. People that weren’t friends with me were actually on my side. I will never be afraid of this bully again.

    Eric — 13
  • if i was to get bullied i would care. Just stay positive ! 😜

  • i get bullied because of my weight...my classmates call me names and the friends i had also left me and joined the bullying group i feel shamed and hopeless.

    kim — 13
  • my friend is slow so when we play tag people make fun of him for being slow

    avery — 10
  • I get bullied about my height. It is not nice. I have been hit and kicked. Most of it is verbal. Some boys have made it physical.

  • bullying is wrong! everyone should just be friends

    Steven — 12
  • I was bullied because of what I looked like and because I didn't like other kids my age. I've always had someone judge me but this time I had something to fall back on, K-Pop music, specifically EXO,BTS, and JBJ. I got bullied because of what kids think of me of what they see about me. I know who I am I don't need someone to change me.

    Nadia — 15
  • I get bullied and it hurts

    bob — 12
  • I am a vegetarian. The kids who hunt tell me what they killed and the boys kill bugs, frogs, and mice in front of me because they know I am against it. They call me mean names and laugh at me. A couple of times people have even tried to shove meat in my mouth. No one should be bullied for their beliefs, whether it be eating regimes, sexual orient, characteristics, or anything that makes you special. Stand up for yourself- you're not alone!

  • I care because there are people who just want to be mean and don't care about others.

    Kal — 11