I Care Because…

  • Is is mean kids that bully are kids that have been bullied.

    Stryder — 10
  • I have been called names and been hurt and other ways to make me sad.

    Cooper — 11
  • Be nice don’t bully

    Bob — 113
  • I have been bullied by a person my own age.

    Gorge — 100
  • People be bullies because they are jealous of you.

    Golding — 10
  • Bullying is bad because people can get hurt and it is dangerous

    Charley — 11
  • I do not like bullying because it could harm people.

    Flower — 45
  • I care because my friend was being bullied and it was driving him crazy and it was really mean for the mystery bully to bully him.

    Robert — 11
  • Kind is the new cool

    Timber — 11
  • I care because it could effect your life

    Jimmy — 10