I Care Because…

  • Because being bullying is just going to make you in trouble

    Sydney — 9
  • Make everyone feel comfortable

    Marshawn — 5
  • I care because i was bullied. i hate it.

    emma — 13
  • Being bullied myself, it's hard to understand what you did wrong, or why they target you. But, getting help is what I did, and I got to understand the bully, and why I was their victim.

    Courtney — 14
  • i care because i don't want anyone to get bullied for any reason even if they are a bully as well. it is terrible.

    Sam — 11
  • It’s not right and it’s mean.

    Holly — 11
  • Bullying is really bad because it hurts people's feelings and if you are being bullied sometimes there will be nobody to help you. (always speak up for your self)

    Andrew — 10
  • The first thing you must realize when you are getting bullied is that they are probably going through something of their own. This is not an excuse for them but don't retaliate because that is how they get their confidence. When they see that what they are doing is bothering you they will keep doing it. Instead report them to a trusted adult. Remember you are not alone.

    Kayla — 13
  • i care because bullying is a very hard thing to stop it takes months maybe even years. I'm the target of a bully and they make fun of my culture, my shortness, my smartness and my glasses. please stop bullying it hurts.

    Divya — 12
  • If you are being bullied and you decide to retaliate by bullying, don't. It creates a cycle that may not find an end.

    Madeline — 12