I Care Because…

  • It's NEVER okay to bully ANYONE, because you have no idea what has happened or that is happening in their life. Also, if you do see someone being bullied by someone else, don't just stand there and watch, tell a trusted adult IMMEDIATELY! And, don't bully the bully, just help the target.

    Emalee — 12
  • I care because people don't deserve to be treated like dirt.

    Haden — 12
  • I get bullied every day at school but when I go home I can take a break

    Adrian — 13
  • Well I think bullying is stupid because I was bullied a lot of times and now I have someone I care about getting bullied so I just cry every time I see it

    Paige — 11
  • Because I’m getting bullied in school

    Diontaye — 11
  • Bullying is not cool.

    Natalie — 11
  • Hey guys bullying isn't cool it can really turn someone's good day into a bad day don't bully don't be the reason someone cries don't ruin someone's day. bullying is bad.

    Sarah — 12
  • I don't like people to be bullied everybody is a human and they have feelings

    rarah — 17
  • It's not right to bully innocent people you never know what's happening to them and bullying them will probably just make it worse

    Regyn — 16
  • I care because my brother use to be Bullied...I was so stupid not to protect him like he protected me. I never got a chance to protect him...because he is in Heaven now.