I Care Because…

  • Bullies only bully because they don't want their past and present life to be revealed. If you get bullied, don't get upset or angry, bullies like watching you get mad. If you are a bully, just leave the kid alone and stop, you might think that it will help your own feelings, it won't.

    Gabriel — 11
  • Have you gotten bullied? Bullying others will not make your life any better.

    Gabriel — 11
  • bullying is a type of assault

    sarah — 13
  • Bullying is terrible and might get ur fortnite account banned. Just more reasons not to bully.

    Trevor — 12
  • I have definitely bullied someone before, and it still makes me upset to this day. the truth is, not only does being a bully make others sad/angry and want to harm themselves, but it also hurts you in the long run. so just don't. believe me!

    Josie D — 12
  • Just because you bully someone doesn't make you cool or funny

    Gabe — 12
  • Because bullying is bad it can lead to self-harm and it can affect others

    Tatiyahna — 12
  • Don’t bully because it will make everyone upset and start drama and people get defensive and if this happens stick up for yourself.

    Kennedy — 12
  • bullying isn't nice because your peers could get hurt or even worse the people who get bullied feel like that no one likes them or that no one wants him/her at the school anymore it doesn't just hurt them I makes them feel like they don't belong. we all need to take a stand and stop bullying for good and forever.

    Jordyn — 15
  • If you bully someone, then they'll feel bad and so to get that out, they'll bully and it'll be a neverending cycle. So just don't.

    Jenny — 12