I Care Because…

  • It’s not fair to others. Bullying brings about lots of very negative things.

    Cleo — 15
  • Bullying is just terrible. Some kids can be depressed because of bullying. At least I think bullying would make kids depressed. Also, it´s not only kids who can face these problems. It can be any time. Please, just, don´t be a terrible person! I know it´s not easy to be kind, but, do you even realize what your doing? Please, don´t bully if you do...

    Destiny — 9
  • I think bullying is Just so wrong..It Really Needs to Stop, it's not fair to bully an innocent person. We are all unique..in our own ways!

    Hailee — 10
  • I think that Bullying is bad because I get bullied by my bff and she told everything mean about me

    Shyanne — 9
  • Because earth is not a place where bullying should happen, it's a world of peace and love just what God wants us to be. We are one world, one family, one God.

    Cj — 12
  • because i use to get bully so talk to someone about it

    kiari — 10-11
  • I think bullying is just awful. Everyone is equal, and no-one deserves to be bullied.

    Chloe — 11
  • I learned how new kids either feel sad or bad because they're new at school and then the new kids become bullied. That is not good for everybody else especially the new kids who are coming to start school.

    Karin — 19
  • Bullying is a very terrible thing to go through and it can tear you down. A couple of mean words or just a little shove everyday may not seem like a lot but after a while it can really wear you out. Bullying needs to stop now and it's up to YOU to make it a better place for everyone!

    Caroline — 12
  • Bullying is bad and nobody no matter your race, religion or sex deserves to go through it!

    Maddie — 10