I Care Because…

  • I hate that people get bullied every day. I once bullied someone for sum thing really stupid and I feel really bad about it.

    Justice — 11
  • I don't like bullying because it can hurt people's feelings, and can lead to suicide. The fact that people have to live with some jerk controlling their life is very sad. STOP BULLYING TODAY

    Gracie Mae — 12
  • I think that bullying is bad because it can hurt people.

    Willow — 10
  • I care because I get bullied every day because of people in school but my sister bullies me the most she is older than me by 17 months and I just think bullies are rude selfish people in the world and they shouldn't get to u just brush it off its hard for me and it's probably bad for u so don't let bullies get to u

    Lily — 10
  • I care because bullies hurt people and I know what it's like to get hurt.

    Khaila — 11
  • I care because i dont want people to get bullied

    Anay — 13
  • bullies are bad

    boiman —
  • Cause that is just sad they were nice to her i loved her smile.

    Paige — 9
  • I was on this social media app and then I said something that I didn't know would affect other people and the people said "Ewwwwwww your face!!" Or "Boy Shut Up your videos are worse than his." I just wanted to stop at that point..

    Nathan — 11
  • No one should have to be bullied and no one should be a bully. Bullying is awful and needs to be stopped. Raising awareness is one step closer to the ultimate goal of ending bullying.

    Brianna — 15