I Care Because…

  • Bullying happens because they have already being bullied, or they are just jealous etc.....Then they think that they are winner and someone who gets bullied they can't tell to someone so they keep doing it... So I think we should take an action and support people who are being bullied. we should tell bullies to stop.

    Yae-run — 11
  • Just think about only positive things and get away from that situation and tell someone who you trust the most.

    Ülker — 11
  • I care because people who are bullied get lonely and they start to believe that they are not good enough. And they start to be afraid of them, they don't want to tell anyone just because they don't want to get bullied for telling. But they still have to tell someone that they trust.

    Angelina — 11
  • I care because people don't realize how hurtful it is. It could last for a year but it will stay in their minds forever. The fear and the pain might go away but the memories won't.

    Nathalie — 12
  • I care because, bullying is something that happens everywhere and it harms the victim a lot. We should help anyone we see being bullied and should not watch anyone being bullied without helping them.

    Anna — 12
  • I care because bullying harms everyone around you

    Anna — 12
  • Bullying is a wrong thing to do because if you bully someone else they will feel really sad.
    If someone bullies you you would feel really sad 😰 right .And please do not bully 😸

    Giselle — 7
  • if you are a victim of bullying then please speak up even if it is not you.

    patrishia — 14.5
  • I care because I've been bullied I have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) people who are bullies make fun of you bullying is MOO
    O.n purpose
    O.ver and over again

    anna — 10
  • stay positive

    anna — 10