I Care Because…

  • Kids should not bully little or big Kids. then when they get older and they will do drugs and crimes. Parents be awhere of your Kids and ask them questions if they are a bully or not a bully.

    Scarlett — 9
  • Bullying is bad. Bullying can cause people to self harm and make people have depression . Bullying can be really bad and is really bad . I wish this world was better.

    Montana — 13
  • Nobody should suffer from the harmful danger of bullying, they shouldn't have to experience this in their lives... you only have 1 life, make it a good one.

    Jordan — 12
  • Bullying is a horrible thing happening now a days. Kids can get very disrespected and even embarrassed in certain situations. It would be amazing if it could just go away. People could finally be happy about going to school and not having to deal with bullies.

    Noah — 12
  • I care because it happened

    to me before and I don't want others to suffer from bullying

    Chance — 10
  • People always say bad things and bad words and I think that they should be kicked off because some people be mean and other people have hurt feelings

    Kisa — 24
  • bullying is not okay, nor is it right. it can leave long lasting effects to a child/teens mental health, this can lead to self harm.

    Shanti — 16
  • Bullying can lead to self-harm.

    Jaycelin — 12
  • Never get into a fight with a bully.

    Kai — 5
  • bullying is wrong because you are hurting people's feelings by bullying others and more

    Maya — 11