I Care Because…

  • i don't like bullies at all. I also like to make friends. friends are the BEST!

    Elex — 10
  • bullying is disrespect because no one deserves it

    Chance — 9
  • bullies need to stop this but how will we stop them it is hard

    brayden — 8
  • I saw a kid getting bullied I felt bad for them.

    Konnor — ten
  • I care 'cause I think bullying should not happen AT ALL.

    Elex — 9
  • I DO NOT belive in bullying this is not ok with anyone or anything. We need to stand up and make a change. Why do kids get bullied anyway? It is because others are insecure if you are getting bullied be a change and stand up for yourself.. I need others who belive in the same thing i do BULLYING IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MK — 9
  • I care because bullying is not good for kids it makes kids feel down when they get bullied so please stop bullying.

    lilly — 14
  • i care because my little brother gets bullied and i stand up for him and any one.

    Jada — 12
  • stop bullying at your school

    braden — 11
  • stop bullying for everyone

    braden — 11