I Care Because…

  • because people can have long term problems from bullying and you bully it can lead to real health problems like depression or gut health and it's messed up.

    trey — 11
  • me importa por que seria bueno ayudar a quien lo necesita y quiero saber como se sienten esas personas y poder ayudar las

    violet — 11
  • the reason I care is because bullying can be cruel and stick with someone for their life and cause depression. it can also lead to anxiety or lead to some one hurting them self over this so it needs to stop.

    brysen — 12
  • I care because it huts people bad and can cause self-harm, depression. I hate seeing people get hurt physically or mentally.

    Xavier — 11
  • so when kids get older they don't do it and so they feel safe and they can be happy

    Jeremiah — 11
  • it makes people less powerful it can hurt someone's feelings it is also hard to forget when you or someone had been bullied before.

    Jesus — 11
  • Kids against bullying, what else to say, right? However, there's so much to say as well! Bullying can lead to serious things. So stand up against it. Stand up against the bullies. Stand up against all the scary older kids and all the bad people. Bullying happens way too much in the U.S.

    Elijah — 12
  • i care because it can cause somebody to hurt themselves.

    Janice — 11
  • I care because it can cause issues for some people and you don't know what is going on at home for them

    Alaya — 12
  • because you don't know what people are going through.

    ja'mazi — 12