I Care Because…

  • Bullying always makes people feel down. Stop this restore their rights.

    Samantha — 10
  • It's very bad to bully

    Bradley — 14
  • I want it to S.T.O.P because when you see bullying occur you go and stand UP for the person that is being bullied and then you get that feeling where you feel guilty but you're not guilty you just feel bad for the person being targeted by bullies.

    Hayden — 11
  • it's bad

    lucian — 13
  • because it is rude and it makes you really angry. If a person bullies you that might make you feel very low of yourself.

    Aurelia — 11
  • Because it makes people really sad and it's not nice.

    Cruz — 11
  • What to do about bullying you should be a buddy or tell an adult.

    Scarlett — 9
  • i care because it is important that people feel loved and feel like they are not alone and bullying is not ok and i will not tolerate it

    wyett — 10
  • cuz it bad

    elvis and lucas —
  • bullying is wrong u can not bully somebody for who they like or what they are

    Jillian — 10