I Care Because…

  • I care because i have been bullied in my old school. You know that bullying is bad, it might hurt others so bullying is a bad idea πŸ™

    Marjorie β€” 10
  • we should help people even though you are scared

    Levi β€” 9
  • i used to get bullied last year and in 3rd grade i used to cry everyday and i still do. bullying is not funny people hurt themselves cause they think they not good enough so stop.

    kamyla β€” 10
  • so here is my story, I was 7 and in first grade and i was bullied. my mom was at work i tell her. on the first day of school i was bullied. so that is my story and remember do not bully.

    christine β€” 9/10
  • I got bullied because I accidentally knocked over a block tower.

    Richard β€” 17
  • I care because i donΒ΄t think a kid likes being in that situation , it makes them really sad , makes them insecure about themselves and a kid deserves to be happy i donΒ΄t think a kid should go through that.

    Allison β€” 13
  • because someone can seriously get hurt

    kiara β€” 13
  • Bullying has made me feel lonely.

    Tamiza β€” 12
  • Bullying is bad because bullies make everything worse

    Damiano β€” 9
  • I care because it makes them sad and they can do something to their self they can do something bad. Also i care cause i wouldn't like getting bullied.

    Danithcy β€” 10