I Care Because…

  • You shouldn't bully anyone it could lead to worser things.

    Shaquisha — 14
  • Im not being bullied but my 8th grade daughter is.. i feel so much pain and worry for her.

    Concerned parent — 40
  • I have a friend that is bullied. People call him fat and say mean things to him and they even do over phone. I would love this to stop. People this days are just so rude. I want to help people that are bullied and to help them to believe that they can be them and no one can change that.

    McKenna — 13
  • I care becasue I got bullied once but I didn't really care at first because they were just bullying me because I was a nerd (I wasn't) but than they were bullying my friends and my BFFs becasue they were friends with me and they were telling me to give them my lunch and buy them things with the money I had for lunch and stuff so than I told a teacher (she didn't do anything) she didn't care so... I told them to stop or I was going to tell the principal and their family (I knew her mom and dad they are very nice and believe me) they stopped bullying me for that day on... I don't want anyone to bullying someone just for being jealous or hating someone.. just don't do that it's dumb and a waste of time honestly.

    Jacky — 13
  • I love to help people and because of this I like to stop bullies and prevent it as much as I can.

    Sandy — 10
  • I have been bullied since pre-school. Now Im just used to it. It's sad...

    Reece — 14
  • I am not getting bullied but others are going through it and having tough times. So I want to stand against it and convince people that u can stop bullying and stop it from spreading.

    leyla — 13
  • Lots of kids are getting bullied, whether its in or out of school. I care because i have had lots of friends that have been bullied or are getting bullied and i've always wanted them to feel better and i wanted the bullying to stop. But the thing is that the bullying can come home with you. Which can also be known as cyber bullying. When it comes to cyber bullying there are only minimal things you can do about it. If it's on the internet then the cyberbullies they won't stop and you can't really make them. If you report it to the police they can't do anything because there isn't any physical abuse. No matter how hard it is just try your best to ignore it and try to make it through the day. Remember its okay not to be okay.

    Cassidy — 12
  • I was bullied many years online and in person,and it really hurt me. But sometimes the person who bullies needs help too. The kindest we are and willing to help others who really need the help,the more we can resolve bullying 🙂 !

    Aly — 16
  • I think bullying should stop. If a person hasn't done anything to you don't be mean to them! When I saw a person bullying my friend I marched right up to them and off he went. If somone bullies you just stand up to them and don't let them get away with it! I hope this has been useful,Thank you and Goodbye!

    Ellie — 10