I Care Because…

  • because i hate it so much

    mia — 11
  • I’m so annoyed with being bullied. but you can always tell a teacher.

    Lily — 14
  • If you bully, you will have no friends quickly. I stood up for someone being bullied, and the person who was being bullied is now my friend.

    Hudson — 9

    Ethan — 11
  • Bullies break kids down and stop them, from their dreams. also bullies just bully people because they have their own problems. and bullies just get away with it because they threaten to hurt the kids if they tell the teachers. just remember don't bully just because you have your own problems.

    Genevieve — 10
  • Bullying is not good because it is bad for you

    Ethan G. — 11
  • Bullying is very bad for you because if you bully, your parents could get contacted by the bullied kid and YOU could get in trouble, plus the kid could go home crying because of YOUR mistakes. So please do not bully, it is just rude! because now you feel the shame of being rude and when people find out about it and don't like it, nobody likes you! so please. DO NOT bully!

    Lee —
  • because i have got bullied before it is hurtful and is hateful people say mean words to you and harass you around and everything. just stop the bullying bullies will get stitches that's what i have to say.

    lillianna — 12
  • don't bully it is mean

    isaac — 10
  • bullying is bad because people go home and cry and cry because they are getting bullied

    josh — 11