I Care Because…

  • Bullying is very sad. I've been bullied myself and you should try to stick up for yourself. Don't bully the bully just tell them how would you feel? If that doesn't work, go tell a adult. Don't worry about being a tattle tale. Tattling is just getting someone in trouble. Telling is trying to help you and friends.

    Daniel — 10
  • I care because i have been bullied before because of my weight and other people might be going through that to and i know how that feels and trust me it is not something to joke around or laugh and for sure it is not fun and i let that bullying stop me and once i was comfortable with my body i stood up and then i just ignored the bullies because i knew that they we’re just bullying me because maybe their life is not that perfect or maybe they are just insecure of themselves, so never ever let the bullies stop you from chasing your dream.

    Kyara — 9
  • I care because this could be happening to people everyday....... It can really hurt peoples' feelings/emotions it can really dig deep inside people. So please don't be a bully.

    Zoe — 10
  • I care because bullying is so wrong! I was bullied when I was 5, and I’m still bullied today! It’s not right to be bullied for any reason at all.

    Mariah — 10
  • I think bullying is really bad and that we should help people who are bullied. Bullies are mean and you should not be one. I care because I don't like it when people are getting bullied because it is mean and not good. I also care because it hurts me when I see people getting bullied this is why I care.

    Hunter — 10
  • I care about bullying because it can be harmful. It can hurt peoples' feelings.

    Riley — 10
  • Because it is mean and rude and you would not want to be treated like that think of what others feel.

    Kaylee — 10 3/4
  • i'm bullied myself by three classmates and its all day

    henry — 13
  • i care because bullying is not fun at all and if i see anyone bullying their peers i'm going to stop it.

    Kaiden — 9
  • the reason why i care is because everyone is the same, we should not even be bullying in the first place it's just wrong. if you find someone bullying someone else don't bully the bully just ask them why and why would they bully a person that's just like them.

    Thank you for your time.

    Nylah — 10