I Care Because…

  • I care about bullying because I have seen people get bullied. I care about everyone in the world. Everyone just needs to leave people alone who are not hurting a fly. If people are different or are shy just leave them alone.

    kaitlyn — 10
  • I care because my friends were being bullied by people, even kinda my babysitter. She had the power to get them in trouble. One time he didn't feel so well and he threw up, he is only 5. she wouldn't let him eat breakfast and probably lunch until my friend Thomas spoke up. That was only 1 reason.

    chloe — 10
  • I care because i am bullied often and treated badly and i don't want to see anyone else get bullied

    makayla — 11
  • I care about bullying because I don’t like to see anyone sad it makes me sad

    Summer — 10
  • I care so much about bullying because my mum used to get bullied and she would start to cry even I get bullied and I start to cry and I sometimes don’t want to come to school because bullies but now I just say whatever and walk away if someone is being mean

    Matilda — 9
  • Because many Kids around the world get bullied and it hurt them I have been bullied but i fought back. I seen kids being bullied and because of bullying many kids hurt themselves because of those mean bad people. So i thought wouldn't the bullies not like it if they have been bullied.

    Jahdiel — 11
  • I care so much about bullying because i have seen my friends suffer it and all i have to say is that it's not right and everyone who is bullying needs to stop. If anyone is getting bullied tell someone before it's too late.

    Julissa — 11
  • Bullying matters to me. Every one should be proud of who they are and nobody has the right to vandalize their image of themselves.

    Austen — 12
  • I care because everybody should be treated the same. Bullying makes someone feel as if they are less important then they are, so i would like to put an end to it!

    Melanie — 12
  • i care because kids don't say something to bullies

    lil pump — 17