I Care Because…

  • because if you bully you can be like that your whole life

    giuseppe — 10
  • i have gotten bullied before it was not fun i was even scared to go to school in second grade i don't want that to happen to others too that's why i want to stop bullying i think bullies are unfair.

    arya — 9
  • i care because it is not nice and sometimes a bully does it to look cool

    billy — 9
  • Do not bully it is bad to bully people.

    Xiadani — 9
  • Bullying is not good because it hurts other people's feelings for no reason! If you bully, you don't accomplish anything. Imagine you got bullied. Would you like feeling like that? Also, if you see someone that's getting bullied, don't just stand there: Do something about it! Stand up to bullies without being scared. Stand up against bullying!

    Josh — 10
  • I care about bullying because it is not a nice act of kindness. It will make other people feel bad about themself. It can hurt feelings when someone gets bullied. It's not a good feeling. In my opinion bullying is not the right thing to do

    Anthony — 9
  • Because if you start bullying it can affect your reputation and can really hurt someone even tho they are just being them and its not fair cause they did not do anything wrong that is why i care

    Brynn — 9
  • i don't want people to get hurt

    DULCE — 10
  • I care because bullying is bad it can hurt people and make them feel bad and i know how it feels so it is very important to make bullying go end and if you see someone get bullied be a upstander and make it stop. if you do that it is very important and you should know that .

    Elizabeth — 10
  • I care because people can have hardships in their lives such as them being bullied. This is unacceptable because it can embarrass them, or hurt them physically, or emotionally. I can help by being a friend.

    Heather — 10